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Aerial Imagery Agency creates and distributes professional, worldwide aerial photographs.

We have been operating for years now, satisfying clients in Germany and Europe. The seat of our Aerial press office is Berlin and we are represented by important and renowned image and news agencys throughout Europe and worldwide in various media - online and in print.

Aerial photographs are not a luxury. However, their production naturally causes higher production costs than ground photographs or images produced by colleagues with telescope tripods. Our aim is to make our clients feel satisfied and comfortable with regard to pricing and our expertise. We cannot promise our clients heaven and earth but the professionally and legally doable and feasible. Aerial photography is a profession requiring high skills and we undertake it with the utmost care, passion and professionalism with our own two planes.

Oblique and vertical aerial photographic images are all produced digitally with 36 Megapixel cameras guaranteeing the highest sharpness and resolution. Infrared- and night images are realised with our own applications in 36 Megapixel resolution. Video flights are done with HDV cameras in 16:9 in HD-TV quality.

Your contact persons

Our archive manager Andrea Terzer-Grahn and the company owner Robert Grahn stand at your disposal. Please contact us by phone or email.

Andrea Terzer-Grahn

Andrea Terzer-Grahn
Sales Manager, Head of Archives

+49 (0) 30 / 42 16 17 20

Aerial photographer Robert Grahn

Robert Grahn
Aerial photographer and pilot

+49 (0) 30 / 52 54 49 91